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Pre Departure Support

Our organization goes the extra mile to provide comprehensive pre-departure support to students. This includes assisting them in finding the best flight routes and booking tickets at the most cost-effective rates, including exceptional student rates. We consider their class starts schedule to ensure a seamless travel experience. Additionally, we help students secure special schemes offered by international airlines, including favorable excess baggage allowances.


However, our pre-departure support extends far beyond travel arrangements. We ensure that students are well-prepared and familiarized with their chosen study destination and institution. We guide them through airport and immigration formalities, offering pick-up and drop-off services. We also assist in exploring accommodation options and facilitate opening a bank account. Furthermore, we guide purchasing a SIM card and inform students about part-time work prospects and the rules and regulations of their study destination.

We aim to ensure that students have a smooth transition and a comfortable start to their educational journey abroad, leaving every aspect of pre-departure support addressed.

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