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International Student Service

The International Student Services (ISS) offers guidance and initiatives to assist international students in acclimating to academic pursuits and adapting to life in all parts of the country.

Admission Counseling

Being an international applicant and, subsequently, a student presents various challenges. Not only do you have to contend with language barriers and culture shock, but you also compete with many applicants worldwide for admission to your desired universities. Additionally, it would help if you navigated unfamiliar application procedures and eligibility criteria while simultaneously preparing for the transition to a new country.

If you're contemplating studying in the US as an international student or seeking information on applying to universities in Canada, be prepared for a highly competitive admissions landscape. The US, Canada, and the UK are among the top destinations for international students aspiring to study abroad. Determining the overall acceptance rate for international students in the US and Canada is difficult due to varying quotas and requirements across institutions.


Acquire knowledge regarding pre-arrival concerns, including the application process for a study visa, essential items to bring to Canada, and other pertinent information.

Visa Submission

A visa serves as an entry clearance that grants individuals, particularly students, permission to enter a foreign country that is not their own. Students must obtain a Student Visa or Student Pass to enter a foreign country for educational purposes. 365 CIES has achieved a commendable success rate in obtaining visas for numerous Indian students who wish to study at various universities worldwide.

Each country has specific criteria for its visa services, ensuring that students contribute to the nation's development and adhere to proper conduct during their study period. Obtaining a Student Visa to enter a foreign country and access its educational and other services is a complex process that involves multiple documents and formalities.


At 365 CIES, our experienced Visa Counselors and former Visa officials have decades of experience collaborating with embassies worldwide, enabling them to expedite the visa approval process smoothly and alleviate any concerns.

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