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Education, Immigration & Integration
We have got

Educational Consultants In The Middle East And Africa

Are you considering studying at a university in another country and still need clarification? With all the increase in demands for talent, many people are looking for an education that can help them take over the world. Studying abroad can help you lay a solid groundwork for the excellent beginning of the career you are looking for. 


365 CEIS is an educational consultants firm that acts as an intermediary between students, partners, and academic institutions with Headquarters in Canada and representations across the Middle East, Africa, the USA, and other countries.


365 CEIS is affiliated with over 1,300+ educational institutions worldwide to simplify studying abroad and help make international students feel at home. Over +5469 students from all around the world benefited from our service and were able to turn their dreams into reality. Regarding your future, our team assures you comprehensive information and options of universities and programs across different destinations tailored to your needs and qualifications. It is our responsibility to process your application, save you the burden of following up on your acceptance and admission and continue to provide hands-on support to secure the continuity of your education and integration.

Choose Your Favourite International  Destination!

Why study Abroad? 

One of the ultimate motivations for studying abroad is to gain hands-on life experience. In contrast, another equally important reason is nurturing your soft ad technical skills! You will get a world-class education, learn a new language, have exposure to a multicultural society, have unlimited career prospects, gain a global perspective and see the world through multiple lenses!
You’ll self-learn how to manage your time, handle unforeseen situations and become independent and self-sufficient. Nothing beats the immersive international experience you’ll gain while studying, working, and living abroad.

Our Services

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Education Services  

365 CIES study Overseas CAREER Consultants offers many services to satisfy all your international education needs. Our extensive portfolio includes well-managed...

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Integration Services 

Relocating to a new culture can sometimes be stressful and challenging... Don't panic! 365 CEIS will support you with integrating into Canada. We provide many integration services, such as...


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Value Added Services 

  • Study Abroad Counseling

  •  Course Advice

  •  Visa Application Assistance

  •  Pre-departure support

  •  Airport Pickup

What Set Us Apart


Simple Application


Admission Counselling


2500+ Schools


Financial Guidance


Visa Assistance


Continous Support

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With the right help, you can make the International Education & Integration process much less daunting and increase your chances of success.

What do Our Students say?

"Going abroad to study by myself could have been very stressful. Luckily, 365 Immigration team was my family away from home and they helped me to take care of everything".

Let us help you to study and settle abroad.
For more information, book an appointment.

Our Partnering Universities

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